A spectrum of smart

Apr 13 2010

Just as I'm getting ready to leave the state (more on that some other time), three Nevada bloggers from across the ideological spectrum have come into their own to cover politics quite nicely. First you have my former colleague Steve Sebelius with his soapbox SlashPolitics. Steve is aggressively smart and a riot in person. It comes across in his writing as well.

Then there's Josh Hicks and his very thoughtful, almost restrained Of Note Nevada. Josh comes to the commentary business with quite a bit of government experience, including a stint as chief of staff for Governor Jim Gibbons. His tone is judicious, well-informed and clear.

Finally, there's Anjeanette Damon, another former colleague of mine. She tends to play it straight – even in her blog, Inside Nevada Politics – and when she's not being furloughed she does a fantastic job of keeping everyone updated on the things that matter, whether it's momentous budget agreements or tawdry episodes of poor judgment.

If you live in Nevada, you should really be keeping up with all three of them.